Youth Harvest Foundation and SOCODEVI commission new hostel for girls’ remedial school

Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana, a youth-friendly organization based in the Upper East Region with support from its partners, SOCODEVI, a Canadian organization with funding support from Global Affairs Canada PROCED, has commissioned a new 36-capacity hostel.

The construction of the hostel has become necessary following the desire of Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana to continue with ongoing efforts to empower girls through education by giving girls who trailed in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination and are willing to resit, the opportunity to have access to free tuition.

Since its inception in 2014, the Girls’ Remedial School has supported 150 girls, with many currently living their dream lives having progressed to the tertiary level and graduated into the world of work.

The school provides free accommodation, tuition, library/computers, reproductive health lessons, and access to sanitary pads to prepare the girls wholistically.

Though the hostel will accommodate 36 girls, the classroom facility can accommodate 50 girls in total per academic year from March to November. With the admission process completed, the fresh beneficiaries are expected to report on March 25, 2023, to begin preparations ahead of the conduct of the examination in November.

Speaking Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the Executive Director of Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana, Priscilla Nyaaba said the organization has set out to empower the youth, especially girls through education. It is her hope that the beneficiaries like many of those who have benefited will take advantage of the free tuition, accommodation, and other facilities to reposition themselves for a better life.

“The girls’ remedial school is one of our flagship projects started in 2014 in response to high demand by young girls from deprived communities to escape early and forced marriage. With the Girls’ Remedial School, girls who have not been successful in some subjects in their final year of senior high school examination are given the opportunity to rewrite their papers and progress in their career prospects.

The school provides free accommodation, tuition, library/computer lab, reproductive health lessons, access to sanitary pads, and counseling services to prepare students academically, mentally, and psychologically to re-sit their exams with support from volunteer teachers.

Since 2014, the school has provided support to 150 students some of whom have completed various institutions and are now working,” she said with delight.

Officials of YHFG and SOCODEVI commissioning the building

Program Manager for SOCODEVI PROCED Project, Ginette Carre, expressed delight that her outfit went out of its core mandate of engaging women in rice processing to help construct the hostel.

“There is a lot to be done and we found it necessary to support but we hope that it will be kept in good condition and social involvement to support Youth Harvest to assist these girls,” She Stated.

Meanwhile, Brenda Nyaaba noted that she has completed a college of education and is now a national service person after benefiting from the free classes.

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