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YHFG Research Agenda

To design and execute evidence-based interventions, the YHFG must have broad understanding of youth development as well as specific competence in a variety of thematic areas.

Continuous learning and Development of knowledge are Essential for YHFG,

to be a relevant partner, to have a knowledge base for our work on national policy, and to inform our communication to mobilise donor support for our youth development work.

YHFG wants other actors – such as

  • development aid organisations,
  • public institutions, and
  • researchers – to see the value of incorporating youth development activities in their operations, and can provide technical assistance to other actors as well as take on a technical support role to strengthen youth development components in broader development programmes.

Learning from the programmes and projects we implement is crucial, and collaborating with the respective state agencies like the Ghana Education Services (GES) and the Ghana Health Services (GHS) in data collection and assessing intervention models, strategies and approaches will be ways forward to learn and develop new methods.

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In developing knowledge and expertise, YHFG needs to stay up-to-date with research

on youth development-related topics. YHFG strives to deepen collaborations with academic institutions and key knowledge-based Government agencies.

Other ways of developing knowledge and expertise will be to collect and analyse data, make research easily accessible; as well as to establish and adopt new methods and procedures that deliver results more effectively and efficiently.

Reviewing academic articles, positioning the organisation as a sounding board to researchers and other development agencies, and initiating own studies on specific topics will also develop expertise.

On-going research

Religion and sexuality education:

Identifying factors influencing religious leader’s adoption of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in Ghana.

– Opposition to Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Ghana: A Case Study.

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Recent research articles

Evaluation of a Sexual and Reproductive Health Education Programme:

Students’ Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour in Bolgatanga Municipality, Northern Ghana [ DOWNLOAD ]

Psycho-social correlates of condom use among young people in Bolgatanga, Ghana [ DOWNLOAD ]

Beyond love a qualitative analysis of factors associated with teenage pregnancy among young women with pregnancy experience in Bolgatanga Ghana [ DOWNLOAD ]

Who’s that girl? A qualitative analysis of adolescent girls’ views on factors associated with teenage pregnancies in Bolgatanga, Ghana [ DOWNLOAD ]

Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices Study on Reproductive Health Among Secondary School Students in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana [ DOWNLOAD ]

Equality Non-Discrimination [ DOWNLOAD ]