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yhfg Football-club

YHFG knows that sports are very important for young people’s health. In addition, it is a great way of recreation. Playing and interacting in a team gives young people more self-confidence. This is why YHFG introduced its Youth Harvest football club – Harvest Academy.

Throughout the week children can attend football training that is given by two Ghanaian trainers, who are regularly supported by western volunteers. All the children train together but the competition on Saturday or Sunday is played in three different teams; under 17, under 15 and under 13 years old respectively.

The parents of the children do not have much money and so participation in the Harvest Academy is free of charge. All equipment needed for the training and uniforms worn during competition is provided for by the YHFG through a partnership with other organizations.

PARTNERS: JugendPartnerschaft Ghana e.V. (Freiburg, Germany) –

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