The Seamstresses Training Enterprise project (STEP UP) was initiated with the main goal of reducing poverty among young seamstresses and giving them control over their own lives. Every year a group of young women gets selected who will work and learn at the training center/sales shop. Here they develop their skills and have the ability to sell their goods.

The shop is provided with sewing machines that the seamstresses can use during their learning process. Currently, the young women get taught business training twice a week. During those training, simplified and practical business concepts are taught that they can easily apply when starting up their own business. In addition, the women get taught about quality control and new sewing techniques three times a week.

This will enable them to compete with the many sewing shops in and around Bolgatanga. All the goods produced during the year can be sold and the yield will be shared among the seamstresses. They can use this money to set up their own business after their training ends

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