Sexual and reproductive health classes



During the implementation of the first project in 2003, Youth Harvest Clubs were formed in various high schools in the Bolgatanga Municipal area. Though the project ended in 2004, the Youth Harvest Clubs have continued in youth activities and remain an important link between the YHFG and in-school youth.

Working with the Harvest Clubs, the YHFG developed a sex education programme that is taught in schools by employees and volunteers. The classes aim to break through taboos and provide young people with the dire needed skills and knowledge to manage their sexuality. In addition, it aims to make young women more self-confident about setting their own sexual boundaries. Currently, over 500 young students receive sex education classes every two weeks.

Partners: JugendPartnerschaft Ghana e.V. (Freiburg, Germany), Support Group of the Swiss Tropical Institute (Basel, Switzerland), Ghana Education Services, Ghana Health Services, Participating schools.

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